Fairy Tale Lenormand

Review by Allan Ritchie

FTL38 tin

Fairy Tale Lenormand
By Arwen Lynch & Lisa Hunt

Published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-57281-797-5
Retail U.S. $19.95

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I was blessed to receive a copy of the Fairy Tale Lenormand by Lisa Hunt and Arwen Lynch. Both have contributed to the American Tarot Association in the past. Lisa Hunt designed the current ATA logo and Arwen Lynch served as President. I am a fan of both so I was anxiously awaiting a chance to get my hands on the deck.

When you review a deck of cards whether it is Tarot or Lenormand there is a bit of a critic of the system. The Lenormand as a system has few dictates on the physical expression of a deck so while not mandated or universal one standard element of the Lenormand deck is the size. The cards are fewer in number and smaller in size. This is great as the thirty-six cards are much more portable and smaller cards are handled better by those with smaller hands. The Fairy Tale Lenormand fits this expectation. But I am disappointed. If you pick up a copy of this deck, like I did, because you are a fan of Lisa Hunt's art, like I am, I bet you will feel the same emotion I did. I wish these cards were bigger. The art of the deck is stellar. Rich, detailed, expressive and nuanced, this deck is as beautiful a work of art. It is like a chef that bakes an amazing cheesecake and all you are allowed is a tiny sliver of a slice. Yes, what we get is great, but we want more. The work that went into the creation of these cards is apparent and I yearn to see more of the complexity and detailed work.

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Now that my only complaint is out of the way, the Fairy Tale Lenormand is exactly what it represents itself to be. It is a collection of Lenormand cards that are created from fairy tale themes and symbols. The deck does have two Lady and two Gentleman cards. One of each is more scenic while the other set shows the Lady and Gentleman in profile. The Lady looks to the left and the Gentleman looks to the right. This will be important to those you use directionality in their readings. The cards are done on a sturdy card stock that does not feel plasticky. Bordered with a tan illustrated border the cards all have the number in the top left corner and the tile on the bottom with the corresponding playing card symbols. The deck comes in a bright tin case that will hold up much longer than a tuck box. The cards are standard enough that the experienced reader will be set to start reading right out of the tin.

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The Fairy Tale Lenormand is able to bring the stories to the cards. Each card has the symbol but also contains a fragment of a fairytale that can be pulled on to add extra depth and meaning to a reading. Lisa Hunt’s earlier work has shown her ability to draw on a wide range of cultural influences and this deck is also enhanced by diversity. Arwen brings the stories to the card descriptions. Linking the symbols on the cards to a fairy tale has been done before but every time I see a deck I am interested to see how the creators pair them up. In teaching meanings to cards frequently instructors resort to giving everyday examples but who doesn’t love a good story. These stories combined with the images help to communicate their meaning in a new way.

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One thing I want to cover are the spreads in the back of the booklet. As I have enjoyed Lisa Hunt’s artwork I am a long time fan of the spreads that Arwen creates. She starts with a classic fan spread with three cards over a single card. She builds on that to create a series of spreads that use this unit to build deeper and broader meaning with a pair of twelve-card spreads and a sixteen-card spread.

In a market that is exploding with Lenormand decks, I am excited to see this addition as Lisa and Arwen have worked together to create a deck that is a work of art. I am sure to show it off the next time I am around my Lenormand friends.

Review deck provided by U.S. Games Inc.

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