October and 10s

Happy October, and happy New Libra Moon to you!
By Suzanne Suchan

I’ve come to notice that October always brings me to new heights, new territories, new projects and new adventures. I am excited to wake up each morning and thankful as I lie down at night.

It's so interesting how numbers play such a huge part in our living. Nines are completions and tens are the transition to a new launch.

Have you just finished harvesting your garden, or otherwise enjoying the fruits of your labor? Maybe you’ve just returned from vacation, or in another way, rewarded yourself.. reaping what you have sewn, enjoyed acquiring what you saved up for, waited for, disciplined yourself for. That’s what nines are all about.

Tens are about sweeping up afterward and preparing to launch anew. It's the preparatory transitional phase. You absorb the knowledge you've gained from the past sequence. It's time to conclude and start with fresh eyes and mind.

If you look at the Tarot cards, the 10 of swords is a body, face down, with 10 swords in his back running up his spine. He’s done. No more to give. Whatever your situation, you have exhausted all options and need to move on. There is nothing more to learn here

.The 10 of cups is a beautiful, happy and light card featuring 2 sets of people dancing, celebrating before their home, lovely water, and a rainbow. It could be interpreted as the younger self and the today, more experienced self, one-ness, in harmony with spirit and the universe. “You did it, you win.”

The 10 of pentacles has an old man indicative of wisdom, a child, with two dogs, and a man and woman conversing. This is a wholeness card of passing the baton. A life cycle ends as the elder passes knowledge to the next generation, or the next segment of career or material realization is about to berth.

The 10 of wands has a guy carrying 10 wands, walking on open ground with no obstacles. Each wand has sprigs of growth. He is laboring, leaning forward, carrying them with determination. When he arrives, he will be able to appreciate his accomplishment.

As we enter the tenth month of the year which is a ‘9’ year.. (2016 added up 2+0+1+6=9), this is a major time of wrapping up, tying a bow and sealing with a kiss.. time to get ready.. to change the channel or start a new chapter.. graduate into the next segment of your life.

Are you wrapping up things, getting ready to take on something new?

I’d love to hear from you!


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