Spiritual New Zealand: A Journey with Maori Tattoo Tarot

Review by Victor Paul, PhD

Spiritual NZ cover page

Spiritual New Zealand: A Journey with Maori Tattoo Tarot

Author: Victor Paul, PhD
Publisher: The Rising Sun Publishing House

ISBN #: 978-0-9946085-2-9
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19,500 words, 80 colorful illustrations.

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Nowadays, Tarot attracts more followers than at any time since the Renaissance when the first deck was invented. The Tarot world is quickly expanding, funneling new themes, ideas, spiritual systems, and doctrines. There are about 2,500 Tarot decks and more books created by contemporary artists and writers who produce new cards and companions under the influence of many cultural traditions, including Celtic, Mayan, Egyptian, Native American, and Gipsy. Until recently, the spiritually abundant Maori culture was unjustly forgotten, so this new companion book for Maori Tattoo Tarot is welcome.

New Zealand is the mystical land, and the Maori is a very spiritual race. Castle Hill in New Zealand was named ‘the spiritual center of the universe' by the Dalai Lama in 2002. The Maori cultural heritage is connected with the land of New Zealand not merely geographically but spiritually. Speculations about origins of the Maori people include hypotheses of Hindustani, Jewish, Greek, Roman, and even Egyptian roots. Ancient Maori religion contains elements from all the above ancient religions. The esoteric old Maori spiritual teaching was the most coherent and comprehensive system in the world.

This eBook is written primarily for Tarot lovers who are ready to undertake a journey to Spiritual New Zealand. It is the thought-provoking, intuition triggered by Maori symbolism journey to enforce Tarot reading abilities with the Maori esoteric method. Within the modern way of divination, a few people believe in cards interpretations at a superficial level and accept reading results as a sentence of higher authority, but consider Tarot as a roadmap of the life path with signs indicating potential pitfalls and problems. A Tarot reader can do divination with the right deck or take the wrong one, mapping a querent’s life path wisely or driving into pitfalls.

The eBbook applies ancient Maori occult knowledge and spirituality to understand the wholeness of the divination process where common sense is combined with the magical Maori invocation. The author paid particular attention to some distinguishing features that show if a Tarot deck is ‘right.' He believes that the deck’s theme has to be associated with a civilization having high esoteric culture and spiritual past, to put traditional Tarot symbolism naturally on an appropriate cultural background. Art itself works esoterically as a channel between the spiritual and material worlds, so high levels quality of workmanship, artistic integrity, and aesthetics is important. 

The eBook is intended for several groups of Tarot lovers:

Followers of New Age, Theosophy, modern paganism, and other contemporary esoteric movements to discover a stairway to ancient Maori occult knowledge and spirituality.

Professional and amateur Tarot readers can find here 78 vivid full-size images of cards with ingenious Maori symbolism, general meanings of all cards based on ancient Maori spiritual teaching, and the Hanged Man spread with examples of real Tarot reading sessions.

• Life coaches, counselors, and psychotherapists, opening this thought-provoking eBook, open a full spectrum of teaching/healing possibilities.

Tarot researchers, developers, and artists can empower their creativity with the Maori evocative imagery and comprehensive understanding of the Universe to release the imagination.

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