October 2016
By Lalia Wilson

We now have Mercury in direct motion which is good news for any communications and travel. It's especially good news for the Mercury-ruled signs of Gemini and Virgo. Jupiter, King of the Gods, has just moved into the sign Libra for the next year. Jupiter brings things to us. For many, it will enliven their social life and lead to new adventures. For some Jupiter will bring weight gain, especially if we forego the traveling and learning which Jupiter urges us to do. 

I used a different deck of cards for each of the four elements. All cards were randomized. However, there were two repeated cards: The Star and The Magician were each repeated twice. These two majors suggest that hope and manifestation are within our scope this month. We have five Swords and four Cups, and two Kings.


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The World and the Two of Cups:

Looks like good news for you, Aries. Something big has been completed and you are already starting a new project, maybe a two-year project? Right now it looks like you can't make a wrong move career-wise. Then we have a new romance and a dynamite sex life. That part of your life couldn’t be better either. However, all that activity is stirring things up in your unconscious and your dreams are putting you to work. Depending upon how much you remember your dreams this can be mostly just not feeling completely rested, or you may wake up feeling like you "worked" all night. This means you are growing and the new effectiveness and fun during the daytime is meaning some work in your dream life. All is going as it should.

Images from The Gothic Tarot  by Joseph Vargo published by Monolith Graphics.


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The Hanged Man (Traitor) and the Page of Swords:

The Hanged Man means that things are pretty much slowed down in your life. In its positive meanings, the Hanged Man can be an initiation or ordeal as part of a rite of passage. However, the "passage" is not this month it appears. Music is good for you this month, whether as a relaxation or as a professional activity. You are learning new things. You are seeing new connections. Your partner is unhappy and uses words to let you know this. Maybe music will be the charm to make everything okay again?

Images from Ghosts and Spirits Tarot by Lisa Hunt published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


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The Star and the Five of Swords (Bats):

Well, Gemini, you are the first to say hurrah that Mercury, your ruler, is direct in motion. You feel the retrograde more than anyone. There is now a go-ahead for any projects that involve your home or family. Whatever you have been waiting on (or neglecting) can now move forward. However, your attention may be more on foreign travel, new studies, and new (to you) philosophies. There is a potential conflict. If is it a real conflict, there will be no winners. If it is a mock conflict, it can be fun. So make a game out of anyone who is trying to make a fight. Then there's some activity regarding lovers, art, and children. A new lover? A new artistic enthusiasm? A pregnancy? Your oldest child getting a big award? It's good news whatever it is.

Images from Halloween Tarot by Kipling West published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


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The Lovers and the Six of Pentacles:

With the eclipses of September in the houses of travel and siblings, expect these next months to include travel to visit relatives and dealings with in-laws. Jupiter is bringing a year of home decorating to you. This is fun for most of us. You have several indicators of new love or greater love in your life. This is partner-love: admiration, respect, beguilement, enchantment. This is also a time of creativity and could be a time of conception. (Use birth control properly if you are not planning on children.) Everything is creative, glowing, exciting, enthralling. You are enjoying love to the full. 

Images from Lunatic Tarot by Evan Yi Feng published by Enigma.


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The Star and the Queen of Wands:

Choices are up for you Leo. Would you choose to be smart or to be sexy? It looks like you are locked into a situation where both choices aren’t compatible. It appears you can’t have both. Is this an inner conflict? A fight between two different women in your life? Whatever, the cool Aquarius type is your natural partner. S/He is the only one who can handle your charisma. The other is a smoldering Scorpio, too much sex appeal for your public image, Leo. You have a gathering or another item that involves neighbors, siblings, and cousins. Something fun this month. Enjoy!

Images from The Gothic Tarot  by Joseph Vargo published by Monolith Graphics.


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Hermes (Magician) and the King of Cups:

This month, Virgo is all about you and your stuff. Mercury, your ruler, is direct in your first house. Aren't you the cleverest person around? The King of Cups could be a love interest or your therapist, but also an artist or someone who helps you either market or acquire things of beauty. This is your stuff, Virgo. You have a rich bounty. Is this horde something you've created or something that you are collecting? Either way, everything is working in your favor regarding possessions and creating things.

Images from Ghosts and Spirits Tarot by Lisa Hunt published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


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The Magician and the Eight of Swords (Bats):

There is a bunch going on behind the scenes, Libra. You are so fair and above board that secret dealings are so not your style. Is someone scheming against you? The Eight of Swords suggests that you have created some kind of prison or dilemma for yourself. You made it and you have the key. A good reason to “get out of jail” is that Jupiter has come to bestow blessings on you for the next year. Jupiter brings popularity, travel, study, social activities, and if you fail to go out, you may gain weight—Jupiter’s punishment for not taking action on the opportunities in front of you. October is a good money month for you Libra. Expect more money in and good bargains on luxury goods (or sex toys).

Images from Halloween Tarot by Kipling West published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


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The Tower and the King of Swords:

There is some focus on siblings, especially a younger brother or someone who is “like” a younger brother. This person has been through an ordeal and needs your quiet understanding. He is capable of quite a lot of positive things, so encourage him, there are more pleasant and fun times in his future. Assuming your boss is the King of Swords, this means no raise for you this year. You need to budget and be frugal as, unlike some of your friends, money does not grow on the trees in your yard. Since Scorpios take these things to heart (you are an emotional sign even if you have a great poker face) you will most profit from keeping a journal, diary or blog about your ups and downs. However, avoid using the names of the people you think have done you wrong. Pseudonyms, please. You never know when you will have to rely on that person in the future, and crow does not taste good. 

Images from Lunatic Tarot by Evan Yi Feng published by Enigma.


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Temperance and the Seven of Cups:

Temperance is your card in the Major Arcana, Sag, and now you have it again the second month in a row. With Saturn transiting your Sun sign as well, this doubles the message of moderation. Follow the middle path. No extremes of too much or too little. Take the slow path that is guaranteed to get you where you want to go.  The Seven of Cups is showing you a lot of temptation. Unfortunately, Sag, you think you can have it all. There is so much to learn about, explore, and possess. It’s the upkeep that gets you in the end. You cannot choose all seven options, as you could not do justice by them. We also have some secret doings, rare for a Sagittarius, and lots of social action. Learn to enjoy life without excess.

Images from The Gothic Tarot  by Joseph Vargo published by Monolith Graphics.


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Death and the Ten of Cups: 

As always the Death card means something is ending in your life. In tune with that your ruler, Saturn, is transiting Sagittarius and bringing finality to the business of the last 28 years. You've got another year or so to wrap it up, then big changes will come with you more in charge. In the meantime, lots of good interactions with friends, cousins, siblings, females in general. Your professional reputation is looking great. You have energy and are able to plan some projects that will cover the next couple of years.

Images from Ghosts and Spirits Tarot by Lisa Hunt published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


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The Devil and the Nine of Swords (Bats):

You seem to have a surplus of very serious friends, Aquarius.  Plus, given your freedom, you flit about all over the local area, busy, busy, busy. The Devil's here to warn you that a lot is happening behind the scenes. Stuff you are probably oblivious to. Either you or a significant person in your life is feeling a lot of sorrow and regret. The sorrow and regret tape is unproductive. Forgive yourself and others. Move forward as you can. Remember that forgiving does not necessarily mean trusting that person in the future, especially in the same kind of situation. As the least devious sign of the zodiac, Aquarius, sometimes you are helpless in the “real” world. Maybe one of your serious friends can be of assistance.

Images from Halloween Tarot by Kipling West published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


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The Moon and the Ten of Pentacles:

You may have some health issues, especially hard-to-diagnose health issues these days. If you need to consult a medical professional, do so. You have an increased sensitivity to medicines, temperatures, other drugs, alcohol, as well as the thoughts and feelings of others. Sometimes when you feel down, Pisces, it's because you are absorbing someone else's issues. Learn how to cleanse and guard your aura. In addition to all that, partnerships have had some adjustments due to the eclipses in September. You will be fine. The Ten of Pentacles is one of the best indicators of material wealth. You have the money to take some short trips. Usually, trips to remote areas, especially by the ocean, are good for uber-sensitive Pisces. All those vibes from the ocean waves are a tonic to you.

Images from Lunatic Tarot by Evan Yi Feng published by Enigma.


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