Frolicking Fae

October 2016
By Terri Clement

Using the Oracle of the Shapeshifters
By Lucy Cavendish and Jasmine Becket-Griffith.

October has arrived, autumn is in the air, and pumpkin pie spice is EVERYWHERE! This is my favorite time of year. My oldest got married the last weekend of September here at our place. Things have been crazy for me. I am looking forward to things slowing down a bit. The last of my garden will be cleared out in the next couple of weeks it is time for many of the flower and plant Fae to take a rest.

Let's see what are wise friends have to share with us for the month of October.


From the first glance at these cards chosen for this month, it should be an amazing 31 days of empowerment and having the ability to find the answers to the questions that you have.

During the first of the month let go of fear and self-doubt. This is a time to be social; hang out with the fun crowd. 

Express yourself vocally and physically. Maybe try your hand at creative writing. You may catch yourself exploring your past, that's okay, just don't get stuck there. Acknowledge that your past has shaped your life but continue to walk along your path in the present. Be proud of who you have become.

Towards the middle of the month, you may begin feeling the need to hide out and get away from the busy-ness of the beginning of the month. 

Be grateful for any gifts that come your way especially those coming from the universe. This is a fantastic time to try new things! If any challenges arrive during this time you will face them calmly and be able to solve the issue confidently.

If you are a professional reader or simply doing readings for others for fun, expect to be able to see through the masks that your sitters are trying to hide behind.

As the veil becomes the thinnest at the end of the month expect your readings to become deeper and more profound. This is a period when you should be digging down deep into yourself as well. You have many hidden potentials that you have yet to discover.

This would be a fun time to try scrying with water. Place the water in a dark bowl and then gaze (don't stare) into the water and see what comes to you.

A nice stone to wear or carry this month is the Garnet. 


Garnet can help cleanse and re-energize the chakras. It can help balance energy, bring serenity, and inspire love. Garnet can help activate survival instinct, bringing courage, and hope. It can help sharpen perceptions of oneself and others. It opens the heart and removes inhibitions and taboos.

The garnet can stimulate the metabolism, treat disorders of the spine, spinal fluid, bone, and cellular structure. Purifies heart, lungs, blood, and can regenerate DNA.  

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