Spread of the Month

Zodiac Tarot Spread 
By Tabitha Chamberlain

This is one of the basic tarot spreads that most people start to use after they get comfortable reading tarot. You can do it once a year on your birthday, the first of the year or as I do - on Samhain.  If you have a lot of things changing around you at any point of the year, it's not a bad idea to rethrow this particular spread either.

The point of this type of reading is to give you some basic information of how your year is going to unfold. You can use one, two, three cards (I've seen as many as six) per position to give you a full view of that particular month. If you're only using one card, it's just giving you the bare bones of that month/house. If you're using two or three it will give you a bit more detail. 

Just make sure before you start this: A-you have the time to read it completely and B-the space as this gets kinda big. I've personally never done this, but an idea is to throw out one/two cards for each month/house, but if any month/house that doesn't make sense add cards to that one only.

With the familiarity of this spread, I'm going to keep it pretty basic with a few suggestions to help you read it when you throw your own spread.

  • 0- This is YOU! You can pick the Court card that you relate to best or your Zodiac Court. Can choose the Major that relates to your Zodiac sign. Pick a card that you would like to it to focus on. IE: 2 of Cups if you want to know how your love life is going to progress over the year (make sure to focus your question to reflect that.) Or let the deck decide for you.
  • 1-Aries: Self; drive, your personality, your views, needs
  • 2-Taurus: Finances; wealth, resources, money, valuables
  • 3-Gemini: Communications; how you relate to others, talking, writing
  • 4-Cancer: Emotional connections, home, roots, foundations
  • 5-Leo: Self-expression; creativity, romantic, risks 
  • 6-Virgo: Work; duty, service, details
  • 7-Libra: Commitments; spouses, mates, romantic partners 
  • 8-Scorpio: Sex and Death; transformations, deep understanding
  • 9-Sagittarius: Philosophy; travel, religion, higher thinking
  • 10-Capricorn: Profession; career, ambition, status, reputation
  • 11-Aquarius: Humanitarian; activity, detachments, hopes and wishes
  • 12-Pisces: Secrets; unconciousness, hidden realms, occult 

Please use whatever assignment you're comfortable with, if this isn't it. Understanding this type of spread can occasionally be frustrating and annoying as you're never sure if you're supposed to be reading, the house meaning or if you're just in Zodiac time frame. It's just a little bit of luck and knowledge mixed with combining the two together.

If you pull out the 5 of Pentacles in the House of Virgo (general reading), this is probably going to imply a loss of something that is work related or possibly a decline of work before an increase comes. Also could mean that you're missing something that it's important that you shouldn't miss. Depends upon the question, the other cards around it, and you being very honest with yourself.

If you pull a lot of Majors or Court People, you're probably going to be dealing with that archetype that month. This could be another person, yourself, or something that forms as an archetype IE: Justice as court issues. 

Happy Reading!!!  

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