The Dice Book

Review and sample readings by Dr. Carol Pollio

The Dice Book

The Dice Book (The governing forces of light 1)
Kindle Edition by Marie Elmore
Publication Date: May 7, 2015
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Retail U.S. $9.99

I have to admit, I was intrigued when I learned that this book had been published. I had only recently learned about the use of dice (a form of cleromancy) to estimate timelines in a tarot reading, but hadn’t done much with it. This book, though, presented a different kind of challenge…can you do insightful readings with a few dice?

A culmination of 15 years of study, Marie Elmore’s “The Dice Book, The Governing Forces of Light 1” is primarily a guide for using dice as a divination tool – the book starts with a brief (less than one page) introduction; the remaining pages are the combinations of dice and their meanings/interpretation. Very simple and straightforward.

In looking at the questions and the meanings provided by The Dice Book, overall, I can see some guidance there. The most difficult thing for me was connecting the 2’s to the situations I was asking about, both in these sample readings and in the readings I did for myself. I felt that the introduction to the book could have been at least a few pages in length and provided some more information on the process and meanings of dice casting. For example, after doing a number of readings, I was able to put together the basic meanings of each number (much like we do for the pip cards in the tarot):

One: Beginning of a Cycle

Two: Home (Food, Friendship)

Three: Communication

Four: Tradition-Doing things in the proper order

Five:  Dreams Unfolding/Ambition

Six:  End of a Cycle

The book also provided astrological signs, months, and days of the week for each of the numbers 1-6, but did not really explain how one would use these in a reading. I think an explanation of this would lead to better outcomes in the interpretation of the readings. 

Let’s try a few sample readings.

Question 1:

Am I on the right spiritual path?


Cast: Black 3, Red 2, White 1

Black 3: We all listen and get ideas, without understanding where those thoughts come from. One day it will make sense.

Red 2: The red 2 always shows up a mealtimes, but friendship and relationships are important sources of nourishment, as well.

White 1: Keep an open mind. Trust things will work out. Prepare to begin a new cycle at the position of the red die.  (Red is now, but also correlates to Monday, February and August.)

In the past, no one listened to what you had to say, so you learned to be quiet. Maybe now is the time to finally speak. Follow your instincts and ambitions and say what you mean.  If there is a sufficient trust in a friendship/partnership, significant changes could occur.

Question 2: 

What is my strength?

P1080074 (1)

Cast: Black 5, Red 4, White 2

Black 5: You have seen what you need to do, but do you need to finish it today?

Red 4: You need to do everything in the right order.

White 2: Move forward after you have eaten.

Your vision is realistic, but it must be put into action at the right time and place. People need to know where they fit in and they will follow you. Communication is on hold, noted because of the missing 3 in the cast. You should follow your truest instincts, confirm your intentions, and do it when it feels right.

Question 3:

What can I do to improve myself?


Cast:  Black 3, Red 3, White 3

Black 3: We all listen and get ideas, without understanding where those thoughts come from. One day it will make sense.

Red 3:  Leave your own thoughts out of it and trust your instinct.

White 3:  We can’t plan what we do on instinct, but this is where to use your ingenuity.

The threes are all about communication – including our thoughts, which push us forward and yet also hold us back. You feel you have to question your beliefs – you want to talk about them with everyone, but are afraid they will think you are foolish. Casting the triple 3 shows a “summing up” for you. Right now, it’s too risky to talk about with others, but your way ahead is clearly open.

Preliminary research on dice divination revealed that this book is certainly much more thorough in its discussion of meanings of the dice, but there still are some concerns I had with using this method. As mentioned earlier, I struggled to fully integrate the meanings of the 2’s in my readings. When asking about a difficult work situation, having a meal or seeing a relationship as nourishment, just did not fit.Perhaps a less literal interpretation was needed, but if that were the case, it would have made sense to describe the 2's more broadly. "Have a meal first" definitely challenged my interpretive skills.

Overall, I remain intrigued by the idea of using dice to conduct readings and hope that I will be able to add it to my divination tool bag as a quick way of assessing an issue. However, it does seem as if there is a lot more information the reader is expected to know or be aware of that isn’t spelled out in the book.

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