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This month, we are featuring some thoughts on Tarot reading style by the talented and accomplished Christine Jette. -T.R.  

by Christine Jette
I use the Tarot less like a fortune-telling device and more like a counseling tool. My readings take on the character of therapy coupled with a hefty dose of common sense. I read for a teenage boy once who was very disappointed after the reading. He told me that I sounded like his high school guidance counselor. It wasn't a compliment and I gave him his money back. I guess he was looking for mysterious entertainment or Madame Esmeralda in a Turban, but I learned a lot from the experience about my own limitations as a reader. 

My reading style can make a person very uncomfortable and, when I read, I tell people that my approach is not for everyone because I respond to a question with a question. For example, let's say a seeker asks me if she and her boyfriend will get married. I will do a layout that reveals what she is looking for in a relationship. She is then able to make up her own mind if this is the guy for her. 

Tarot is a mirror extension of yourself because your life is a reflection of your beliefs, much like the Rorschach test in psychology. We look at images and see meaning based on our own life experiences and frame of reference. To you, the Sun card may mean success. To me, it means burnout. As long as we are honest in our personal approaches to the cards, we are both correct. The beauty of the Tarot, to me, is that we can do a lot of things wrong in a reading, but as long as we are honest with who we are and sincere in our desire to serve, we can still help each other in the process. Isn't life more interesting with authentic differences? 

One of the strongest criticisms of my work is that I am not magical enough-that I may have an understanding of the psychology of the Tarot, but that I lack mysticism. Well, for me personally, the magic of Tarot doesn't come from a deck of cards and it never has. The magic comes from deep within us-through the willingness to explore our lives with an open heart and our abilities to change what is no longer useful. Whatever works, works. 

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