Honoring Your Ancestors Spread featuring the Goddess Inspiration Oracle


The Goddess Inspiration Oracle is published by Llewellyn Worldwide and is available on their website at www.llewellyn.com.
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by tarot4fun
If it is true that gifts and callings can be passed down the generations of families ~

Looking at your personal spiritual path ~ how does it relate to your ancestors? You may be unique to your family; it's just interesting to find similarities in gifts and callings.

How are you honoring you heritage? 


1. What got you started on your spiritual path?
2. Your personal dreams and visions ~ similar those in your family’s past? 
3. What tends to get you off track ~ how you can take personal responsibility.
4. Your gifts and talents ~ similar those in your family’s past? 
5. Spiritual message ~ be it divine, angelic or ancestral voice. 
6. How you are honoring your ancestors?

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