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The November TarotScopes features the cards of the Crowley Thoth. The Thoth Tarot is published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. and is available on their website, www.usgamessystems.com.

Aries: World (2 of Swords) Feeling a little split lately? It could be because you’re sitting on the fence! Time to make up your mind and find some closure; this perpetual analysis will only cause paralysis. Rather than looking at things in black and white, discover the connections involved in the conflict. The final piece for this puzzle will be revealed in the most unusual way, however if you are caught in a dualistic mind-set, you may easily pass it off as odd. Thanksgiving Day promises to be a time of reconciliation for a bruised relationship. Be sure to express gratitude for what you have.

Taurus: Temperance (Ace of Wands) Your timing couldn’t be better as you seize the perfect moment for starting over. A seemingly unsuccessful project you’ve been involved with is primed and ready to be revisited. It is as if the missing ingredient falls out of the sky and into your hand. Notice your creative insights and allow them to move you in a nonjudgmental direction. Most importantly, express yourself as if all eyes are on you. A surprise awaits you at the end of the month; a passionate heart may stir you into action where you were once afraid to venture. 

Gemini: Empress (Knight of Wands) The grass may be greener in other pastures, but all grass requires consistent care to flourish. Your restlessness may overcome your better judgment if you’re not careful; all of the extra work you’ve been doing the past few months is bound to catch up with you. Go easy! The object of your passion is likely to fizzle if you do not also give equal attention to other areas of your life. While you may feel pulled in the opposite directions of adventure and responsibility, keep in mind that both of these deserve your attention, so act wisely. The Full Moon on the 24th is a great time to indulge in some sensual pleasures.

Cancer: Lovers (4 of Wands) Celebration time for you this month! A special relationship has a put big smile on your face and a warm feeling in your heart. In September the potential was brewing, now there are some nice feelings, and in the near future things may get even more serious. The end of the month could bring a proposal that’s too good to pass up. If not relationship oriented, a recent change in your life has brought about significant and beneficial results. The sacrifice you made in September has paid off, and you will receive some very impressive recognition. 

Leo: Hanged Man (5 of Wands) Trapped in a conflict beyond your control? What better to do then let go and fall into the abyss. As hard as it may be, you must trust that your current entanglements are not as bad as you might think. In fact, disagreeing with others will actually free up a new point of view, but first you must be willing to let go of some of your opinions. The beginning of the month will present a problem; by the end, you will not only have solved the issue, but you will have learned something new. It will be better to put off important decisions until next month.

Virgo: Hermit (Ace of Swords) Your mind is sharp enough to cut through the toughest of problems, yet to wield this sword skillfully, you must rely on wisdom from past experience. No amount of force will be as effective as mental discipline and discernment. Use this time to seriously contemplate the direction of your life because a struggle from your past will creep back into the picture and challenge your sense of certainty. The week of the 5th is likely to present you with your first of three riddles; each providing a clue for the next, each bringing you closer to the answers you’ve been searching for.

Libra: Wheel of Fortune (10 of Pentacles) Lady Luck has called your number and you are up for some good fortune… Or something like that. Luck is really nothing more then being prepared when an opportunity crosses your path. Your diligent planning for a business venture is about to pay off, and what you’ve set in motion has gained enough momentum to push you to the next level. Don’t be surprised if you receive unexpected money at the beginning of the month; if you use it as seed money, you might even grow a cash crop. In other words, it’s a great time to invest.

Scorpio: High Priestess (6 of Wands) Seeking approval can sometimes be a futile endeavor, particularly when you compromise your standards to obtain it. Look closely at the ways in which you search for attention and ask yourself if they are truly in integrity. A gratifying experience may be nothing more than an ego-driven superficial backrub. Some of the characteristics you have become accustomed to flaunting might be disconnecting you from your source. The New Moon on the 9th may present a charming opportunity, but be cautious not to jump too quickly – all that glitters is not gold.   

Sagittarius: Sun (6 of Pentacles) A joyful event will bring sunshine to your recently dark life; and, likewise, you too can offer the same blessing for someone in needs. This month you will receive a gift that is unbelievable. You will not only feel appreciative – you’ll feel like a changed person. Similarly, this would be a great time to make a difference in the life of someone else, deserving or not. An experience with a child on the weekend of the 10th inspires you to take a chance on something very silly. If you do, you won’t regret it!

Capricorn: Strength (Page of Wands) Rather then being so strict with yourself, why not listen to those little urges and impulses. The impatient, immature, footloose, and fun-loving child in you needs to get out and enjoy life. Of course you shouldn’t recklessly abandon all responsibility, but live a little more on the edge. It’s important to be connected to all the parts of yourself, or those ignored pieces will attempt to steal the whole show. Be sure that by the middle of the month you have at least involved yourself in one pointless activity, even if it’s simply calling friends to do something amusing. 

Aquarius: Magician (10 of Cups) An emotional situation in your life begins to settle into something more realistic and manageable. New options suddenly reveal fresh potentials. If you are newly separated or on the verge of separation, this period is designed for you to re-discover who you really are as a single person. For you singles, hold off getting too serious this month as there’s more to appreciate about being on your own then you might imagine. A synchronistic encounter around the 20th is the message you’ve been praying for, so don’t discount it as coincidence!

Pisces: Chariot (6 of Swords) Solutions to your problems will come in the most unconventional ways. However, you must be willing to be lead a little by the apparent discord because within this dilemma is a new path. Rise above your ego’s need to control the situation, otherwise you will find yourself embroiled in unnecessary conflict. Be prepared for someone to challenge your ideas about something important at home, in the office, or among friends. Conflict of sorts may arise during the week of the 22nd, so be sure to separate your emotions from your better judgment. It is due to these encounters that you’re able to move into a new position.

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