Tarot for Today

by Melanie Harris
It's November, and Lady Winter is winking at us from around the corner.  This month's energies are much like those of the dark moon; psychism, deep introspection, shielding, and transformation are prominent.  November is a settling in, a time when we plunge ourselves into the changes brought about by October's blend of purification, preparation, reflection, and magic.  It's an ideal time to strengthen your defenses against negativity and wrap an extra blanket of protection around yourself, your home, and your family.  If you're grieving, depressed, or simply have a bad case of the "blahs," November is the month to fearlessly delve into your psyche to discover and overcome the root cause of your discontent.  Here are some Tarot activities designed to make the most of November's mysteries.

November Tarot Talisman for Strength
The Strength card symbolizes courage and power, and using this card as a talisman this month will help shield you against depression and negativity in all its forms.  To create the talisman, conjure a feeling of great strength, both mental and physical, and cast this energy into the card.  Carry it with you or place it in your home for a protective blast of positive power.

What's Wrong Tarot Spread
The What's Wrong Tarot Spread is designed to help you explore and conquer sadness and other unpleasant emotions that might be hindering your happiness.  The success of this spread requires honesty and a willingness to meditate on the meaning of each card with an open mind.  

As you mix the cards, think deeply about your negative feelings.  When the cards feel ready, cut them in the traditional fashion, in 3 piles towards the left with your left hand.  Pick them up in the order they were placed, so that the first pile dropped will be on the top of your stack.

Lay out the top card.  This card shows the underlying cause of your grief.  Place the 2nd card crossways on top of the 1st card.  This card reveals the primary obstacle to getting out of your negative rut.  Lay out the next 3 cards in a horizontal row at the bottom of the spread.  These cards represent influences you would do well to banish from your life.  Place the next 3 cards in a horizontal row at the top of the spread.  These cards symbolize actions you can take that will shift your energy and emotions into a positive state that will bring happiness and good fortune.

November Tarot Ritual to Protect the Home
This Tarot ritual will help purify and protect your home so that positive energies can reign.  You will need the Ace of Swords, the Ace of Pentacles, and the Ace of Cups.  In each room of your house, perform the following ceremony.
Stand in the center of the room and hold high the Ace of Swords.  Say an affirmation of defense such as, "I cut through negativity.  Unpleasant powers and emotions, be gone!"

Next, hold the Ace of Pentacles in front of each door and window in the room, making a protective statement such as, "Nothing bad can enter this place.  We are protected by a great strength."

Finally, stand in the center of the room once again, this time with the Ace of Cups held aloft.  Say a prayer or an affirmation inviting love, happiness, and other good feelings into your home.  The ritual is complete, and the cards may be returned to your deck.

With Winter's chill and the holidays fast approaching, along with the usual weight gain and overextended budget that often come with the season, November can be a downright depressing time of year.  However, with any of these Tarot activities, or with ideas of your own, you can nip the blues in the bud and strengthen your spirit so that it shines brighter than ever.  May your November be full of the joy of transformation!

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