Your Reflections

compiled by Melanie Harris

"I am struck that the lessons of the Tarot are not only accessed with psychic power, but also increase the psychic ability of the reader and the subject with each exposure." - Andrew

"Regardless of the types of questions we ask or answers we receive, it is the need to grow in spirit that reminds us to return to the Tarot."- Quillis

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Tarot Trivia
compiled by Melanie Harris
1. The suit of Cups is traditionally associated with which element?
2. Which suit of the Minor Arcana is also known as "deniers?"
3. Which occult scholar authored the classic, Le Tarot des Bohemiens, translated as The Tarot of the Bohemians?
4. In the Rider-Waite deck, which card of the Major Arcana contains a depiction of a crawfish?

Answers at the bottom of the Pardon The Hanged Man page.

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